My brain just lit up!

My brain just lit up!

About the Site
What’s brainvigorate dot com about?

It’s all about the brain— to help you invigorate your brain and sharpen your wits.

Because everything begins with the gray matter ensconced in your skull. Maintaining brain health and improving mental alacrity gives you an edge when it comes to creating happiness, fulfillment, better health and harmonious relationships.

This is Your Brain

This is Your Brain

A better brain is more than just a higher IQ score. It’s about who you are, and who you want to become. It’s about keeping the mind you have and building the brain you want.

Exploring this site will help get your brain in tip-top shape.

A mere click or scrawl of your mouse and you’ll have at your fingertips the tools and information to gain the mental edge you need not just to stay competitive at work, but to allow you to embrace and enjoy life more fully.

This site is set up so that you can easily discover the know-how, resources, updates, tips, tricks, and techniques on all aspects of brain fitness. By incorporating these easy suggestions for brain fitness into your daily routine, you’ll discover your life is that much richer and more fulfilling. Along the way you’ll banish brain fog, fatigue, forgetfulness, weariness, and depression otc viagra.

Come visit regularly and watch your life gain clarity. Grow new neurons and get your synapses connected—it’s as easy as minding your p’s and q’s.
The Author

Cheryl Chow has been a lifelong resident of planet Earth.

When she was a child, her passion was to explore the furthest reaches of outer space. But she quickly realized that she was too sickly to ever become an astronaut. Instead, she learned that traveling inner space could be just as adventurous—and for her, much more pragmatic.

Her life dream then, unlike possibly more rational peers, was not to strike it rich (not that she would mind, it simply wasn’t the top priority); drive a Ferrari, Porsche, or Mercedes (nice, but again, not a priority); win the beauty pageant (would have to be reborn with a completely different set of genes); or get married, have children and live in a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence (sounds more like a nightmare than a dream!).

No, Cheryl’s dream was—and is—to acquire a bigger, better, brawnier brain.

So she’s embarked on a journey to see just how far she could reach in tapping the potential of her mind.

Blogging about the topic seemed like the natural thing to do because Cheryl’s been a writer for many years, as well as a print addict who reads everything and anything she can get her hands on (or get up on her computer screen).

Books she’s written (or contributed to) include Hypoglycemia for Dummies and The Encyclopedia of Hepatitis and Other Liver Diseases, which she coauthored with her older brother, a medical doctor.

This blog was started then, as a record and a rich resource for anyone interested in improving their brain—because one of Cheryl’s passions is to share her discoveries. Since she can read Japanese and Chinese, she expects to also delve into any brain literature published in either of these languages.

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